Top 3 PMEX brokers of Pakistan 2024

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To successfully understand the complex financial market of Pakistan, it is important to have a reliable and knowledgeable broker who can guide you. The selection of the appropriate brokerage business may influence your investments in Pakistan’s financial market. Investors purchase and sell financial assets like stocks, Commodities and other instruments with the assistance of brokerage companies in Pakistan, which play a crucial role in the capital markets. Investors have access to various alternatives, as there are over 200 licenced brokerage companies. These businesses provide a variety of financial services that go beyond simple trading, such as money management, risk management and financial consulting respectively.

Trading in Pakistan is growing rapidly and is good for people who want to invest money. The country has many different areas where people can invest. The internet has made it easy for anyone to trade, and many companies can help. People can invest in stocks, commodities like gold or oil, currency pairs, or government IOUs. The stock exchange in Pakistan is important for people from Pakistan and other countries. It helps to make sure people can trade at the right price. Rules and new technology have made trading more and more popular, so everyone can have a chance to make money. People with lots of experience or who are new both can take advantage of trading in Pakistan to make money and invest in many things. Here is a list of the top 3 brokers in Pakistan:

1.      Floret Commodities

Floret Commodities (Pvt.) Ltd. is a corporate member of Pakistan Mercantile Exchange. The company was incorporated in 2015, solely for the purpose to provide its clients with the ultimate services for their experience in commodities trading through the only regulated exchange of Pakistan (PMEX).

The company provides the best resources possible for its customers’ commodities trading experiences, with a whole and a highly skilled management team and knowledgeable staff. Floret commodities provide value to their customers and help people with trading in Pakistan.


  • Free of cost a/c opening
  • Free technical assistance
  • 24/7 availability
  • Minimized commission
  • Expert guidance
  • Physical locality
  • Customer support

2.      HG markets

Harvest Group was founded in 1994, and one of its core companies is H.G. Markets Private Limited (HG). The group was the first in Pakistan to introduce futures trading. After being incorporated in 2013. HG possesses a Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) license as a futures and securities broker.

For market participants interested in trading futures contracts underlying items relating to international indices, commodities, metals, energies, and currency pairs, PMEX provides special trading facilities. PSX offers a marketplace for investing, buying, and selling shares of listed companies. Customers all around the nation entrust HG with their trading and investment needs. 


  • Live News Updates
  • Real Time Graphs
  • In-Depth Fundamental & Technical Analysis
  • Dedicated Team
  • Customized Solutions
  • 22.5 Hours Market Operations

3.      Zahid Khan Latif Securities

Zahid Latif Khan Securities (Pvt) Ltd. is a modern and leading supplier of superior brokerage and financial services on the Pakistan Stock Exchange and the Pakistan Mercantile Exchange. It is well-known for providing professional-quality services to its loyal business and retail clientele. ZLK Securities, as a corporate member of PMEX, allows investors to create accounts on the Pakistan Mercantile Exchange.


  • Online trading facility
  • Trade confirmation by calls, emails and messages
  • Reasonable commission rate
  • Dedicated equity traders
  • Experience management


  • What are brokers?

A broker is a middleman who helps you execute trade orders.

  • What is a future market?

A futures market is where participants buy and sell commodities and futures contracts for delivery on a specified future date.

  • What is online trading?

Online trading is a means of purchasing and selling financial assets via the Internet. This strategy is convenient, quick, and cost-effective, but it is vital to be aware of the hazards connected with it, such as fraud, market instability, and leverage.

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